martedì 5 febbraio 2013

Dischi Vinile Lp New Wave Punk

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3664215754 - Franco

A certain ratio to each...lp it 
a certain ratio the double 12" it 
a certain ratio sextet lp it 
adam and the ants kings of the wild frontier lp it 
adventures the sea of love lp it 
a flock of seagulls modern love is automatic 12"uk 
alarm raw lp it 
alien sex fiend who's been sleeping in my brain lp fra 
alien sex fiend lips can't go 12" fra 
alien sex fiend maximum security lp uk 
alien sex fiend it the album lp fra 
alien sex fiend here cum germs lp fra 
alphaville forever young lp it 
altered images happy birthday lp us 
any trouble where are all the nice girls lp uk 
arcadia so red the rose lp it+nl 
art of noise in no sense? nonsense!lp us 
associates the affectionate punch lp uk 
associates fourth drawer down lp nl 
aztec camera high land,hard rain lp it 
aztec camera knife lp it 
aztec camera love lp ger 
B-52's play loud lp it 
B-52's wild planet lp it 
B-52's party mix 12" it 
B-52's mesopotamia lp it 
barracudas i wish it could be 1965 again lp fra 
martyn bates letters to a scattered family lp bel 
bauhaus kick in the eye 12"uk 
beat i just can't stop it lp nl 
beat wha'ppen? lp ger 
beat ackee 1-2-3-nike mix 12"uk 
beautiful south choke lp uk 
big country the crossing lp it 
big country steeltown lp nl 
birthday party prayers on fire lp it 
black flag six pack 12"us 
blasters hard line lp ger 
blondie eat to the beat lp it 
blondie autoamerican lp it 
blondie the hunter lp ger 
blurt in berlin lp uk 

b-movie nowhere girl 12"uk 
bodeans love & hope & sex & dreams lp uk 
billy bragg brewing up with lp it 
billy bragg talking with the taxman about poetry lp uk 
billy bragg don't try this at home dlp ger 
glenn branca symphony no.3 gloria lp bel 
breathless two days from eden 12"uk 
breathless three times and waving lp uk 
bronski beat the age of consent lp it 
steven brown plays tenco mlp it 
buggles adventures in modern recording lp it 
bugs tomorrows s/t lp it 
call modern romans lp it 
call into the woods lp it 
carpettes frustration paradise lp it 
cars candy-o lp it 
cars heartbeat city lp it+us 
celibate rifles 1&2 dlp nl 
chameleons nostalgia 12"uk 
chameleons strange times lp ger 
cherry vanilla bad girl lp uk 
chesterfield kings don't open til doomsday lp fra 
china crisis what price paradise lp it 
church heyday lp it 
clash london calling dlp it 
clash the magnificent seven 12"uk 
cocteau twins echoes in a shallow bay 12"uk 
cocteau twins victorialand lp it 
lloyd cole & the commotions rattlesnakes lp uk+it 
lloyd cole & the commotions easy pieces lp it 
lloyd cole & the commotions mainstream lp it 
colour field castles in the air 12"uk 
comsat angels eye of the lens 12"fra 
comsat angels sleep no more lp nl 
comsat angels enz. lp nl 
comsat angels land lp nl 
julian cope fried lp uk 
julian cope saint julian lp it 
julian cope my nation underground lp uk 
crawling chaos the gas chair lp bel 
cretones thin red line lp us+it 
cry s/t lp can 
culture club the war song 12"uk 
cult live:no overdubs lp uk 
cult love lp it 
cult electric lp it 
cult sonic temple lp it 
cult ceremony lp it 
cure the lovecats 12"uk 
cure the top lp it 
cure the head on the door lp it 
cure standing on a beach the singles lp it 
damned the black album dlp uk 
damned phantasmagoria lp it 
damned mindless,directionless,energy.lp it 
danse society heaven is waiting 12"uk 
danse society heaven is waiting lp ger 
del fuegos boston,mass.lp us 
del fuegos stand up lp us 
depeche mode abroken frame lp it 
depeche mode violator lp it 
devo q:are we not men? a:we are devo!lp it 
devo live mlp can 
devo new traditionalists lp ger 
devo oh,no!it's devo lp it 
dexys midnight runners searching for the young...lp it 
dexys midnight runners too-rye-ay lp uk+it 
dexys midnight runners don't stand me down lp uk+it 
jim diamond desire for freedom lp ger 
died pretty free dirt lp fra 
died pretty lost lp it 
died pretty every brilliant eye lp us 
dip in the pool silence lp uk 
thomas dolby the flat earth lp it 
thomas dolby aliens ate my buick lp it 
double the captain of her heart 12"ger 
duble blue lp ger 
dream syndicate medicine show lp nl 
dream syndicate s/t 12"nl 
duran duran do you believe in shame 12"it 
duran duran decade lp it 
durutti column the return of the d.c.lp it 
durutti column circuses and bread lp bel 
ian dury juke-box dury lp it 
eater the album lp it 
echo and the bunnymen shine so hard 12"uk 
echo and the bunnymen s/t mlp us 
echo and the bunnymen ocean rain lp it 
dave edmunds information lp it 
eddie & the hot rods life on the line lp it 
einsturzende neubauten 80=83 strategies against...lp ger 
essential logic beat rhythm news lp it 
eurogliders absolutely! lp nl 
eurythmics right by your side 12"us 
eurythmics touch lp us 
eurythmics we too are one lp ger 
eyeless in gaza sun bursts in 12"fra 
exploited on stage lp uk cv 
exploited troops of tomorrow lp it 
fartz world full of hate lp uk 
fashion move on 12"uk 
feelies the good earth lp us 
feelies only life lp us 
fine young cannibals the raw & the cooked lp nl 
tim finn big canoe lp it 
fischer-z red skies over paradise lp it 
fixx reach the beach lp it 
fixx phantoms lp ger 
flash and the pan early morning wake up call lp uk 
flesh for lulu big fun city lp uk 
john foxx the garden lp ger 
frankie goes to hollywood welcome to the pleasuredome dlp it 
johnny g g-beat dlp it 
gang of four entertainment! lp uk 
gang of four solid gold lp uk 
generation x valley of the dolls lp can 
go-betweens tallulah lp uk 
vic godard what's the matter boy? lp uk 
vic godard t.r.o.u.b.l.e lp uk 
robert gorl darling don't leave me 12"uk 
gun club miami lp uk 
nina hagen band unbehagen lp nl 
head a snog on the rocks lp uk 
heaven 17 penthouse and pavement 12"it 
robyn hitchcock groovy decay lp uk 
robyn hitchcock element of light lp uk 
hoodoo gurus blow your cool lp aus 
housemartins london 0 hull 4 lp uk 
housemartins the people who grinned..lp uk 
housemartins now that's what i call...dlp it 
human league mirror man 12"uk 
hunters & collectors the fireman's curse lp uk 
husker du candy apple grey lp ger 
hypstrz hypstrization lp us 
billy idol rebel yell lp it 
inmates first offence lp us 
inxs bitter tears 12" us 
david j etiquette of violence lp uk 
david j crocodile tears and the velvet cosh lp fra 
jack frost s/t lp nl 
jam setting sons lp it 
jam sound affects lp fra 
jam dig the new breed lp it 
jam the gift lp it 
james stutter lp ger 
japan tin drum lp uk 
jason & the scorchers still standing lp it 
jazz butcher a scandal in bohemia lp uk 
jazz buthcer fishcotheque lp uk 
jesus & mary chain psychocandy lp ger 
jesus & mary chain darklands lp ger 
jesus & mary chain happy when it rains 12" ger 
matt johnson Burning Blue Soul lp uk 
joy division transmission 12"uk 
klark kent s/t 10" us 
killing joke almost red 12" uk 
killing joke what's this for..!lp it 
kissing the pink certain things are likely lp it 
knack but the little girls understand lp it 
knack round trip lp it 
annabel lamb once bitten lp nl 
landscape from the tea-rooms of mars...lp it 
clive langer & the boxes splash lp it 
level 42 standing in the light lp it 
benjamin lew steven brown douzième journèe lp bel 
jona lewie on the other hand there's a fist lp uk 
live wire changes made lp nl 
richard lloyd alchemy lp us 
lone justice shelter lp us 
long ryders native sons lp uk 
los lobos how will the wolf survive? lp uk 
lounge lizards big heart lp it 
lene lovich flex lp it 
ludus riding the rag lp it 
lyres on fyre lp fra 
madness work rest & play 12"it 
madness absolutely lp it 
madness the nutty boys 12" it 
madness 7 lp it 
magazine real life lp uk 
magazine play lp uk 
mano negra patchanka lp it 
martha and the muffins metro music lp uk 
larry martin factory early dawn flyers lp it 
mekons the edge of the world lp uk 
lizzy mercier descloux suspense lp ger 
mi-sex space race lp nl 
mi-sex shanghaied lp nl 
missing persons rhyme & reason lp it 
modern english mesh & lace lp uk 
monochrome set jacobs ladder 12"uk 
monochrome set the lost weekend lp ger 
morrissey viva hate lp it 
motels careful lp it 
motels shock lp it 
alison moyet alf lp it 
neats s/t lp us 
neats crash at crush lp us 
neats blues end blue lp us 
new christs detritus 12"uk 
new christs distemper lp it 
new order ceremony 12"it 
new order temptation 12"it 
new order blue monday 12"uk 
new order the perfect kiss 12"uk 
gary numan telekon lp it 
ric ocasek this side of paradise lp us 
sinèad o'connor nothing compares 2 u 12"ger 
orchestral m.d. dazzle ships lp it 
only ones special view lp us 
opposition empire days lp uk 
orange juice rip it up lp it 
orange juice what presence 12"uk 
pale fountains unless 12"uk 
passions michael & miranda lp uk 
passions thirty thousand feet over china lp uk+nl 
pearl harbor & the explosions lp us 
pearl harbour don't follow me,i'm lost too lp ger 
peter and the test tube babies pissed and proud lp uk 
ph.d. is it safe? lp it 
pigbag live lp it 
pogues red roses for me lp uk 
pogues rum sodomy & the lash lp it 
police zenyatta mondatta lp ger 
police ghost in the machine lp ger 
prefab sprout swoon lp uk 
prefab sprout when love breaks down 12"uk 
prefab sprout steve mcqueen lp uk+nl 
prefab sprout from langley park to memphis lp nl 
prefab sprout protest songs lp nl 
prefab sprout jordan the comeback lp nl 
pretenders talk of the town 12"it 
pretenders II lp ger 
pretenders learning to crawl lp it 
prima volta mmwops lp it 
propaganda wishful thinking lp it 
psychedelic furs s/t lp nl 
psychedelic furs talk talk talk lp us 
psychedelic furs forever now lp nl 
psychedelic furs mirror moves lp it 
ramones it's alive dlp it 
ramones pleasant dreams lp ger 
rank and file s/t lp can 
rem fables of the reconstruction lp nl 
rem eponymous lp nl 
stan ridgway the big heat lp nl 
stan ridgway mosquitos lp us 
rip rig + panic i am cold lp it 
tom robinson hope and glory lp it 
scritti politti songs to remember lp it 
scritti politti cupid & psyche 85 lp it 
sex pistols never mind the bollocks here's lp it 
feargal sharkey s/t lp uk 
silencers a blues for buddha lp ger 
simple minds new gold dream lp it 
simple minds the amsterdam e.p. 12"ger 
simple minds street fighting years lp it 
simple minds real life lp it 
simply red men and women lp it 
simply red a new flame lp ger 
simply red stars lp ger 
siouxsie and the banshees juju lp it 
siouxsie and the banshees dear prudence 12"uk 
siouxsie and the banshees this wheel's on fire 12"uk 
sisters of mercy first and last and always lp it 
patti smith horses lp it 
patti smith group radio ethiopia lp ger 
smiths s/t lp spa 
smiths hatful of hollow lp ger 
smiths meat is murder lp uk 
smiths the world won't listen lp it 
smiths rank lp it 
soft cell non-stop erotic cabaret lp it 
soft cell the art of falling apart lp it 
soft cell soul inside 12"uk 
soft cell down in the subway 12"uk 
sound from the lions mouth lp ger 
sound shock of daylight mlp it 
soundgarden fopp 12"us 
spandau ballet journeys to glory lp it 
spandau ballet parade lp it 
specials ancora lp it 
squeeze cosi fan tutti frutti lp ger 
stiff little fingers hanx! lp uk 
strangers s/t lp it 
stranglers the raven lp uk 
Stranglers Live (X Cert) lp uk 
stranglers the meninblack lp it 
stranglers la folie lp nl 
Stranglers Aural Sculpture lp uk 
style council introducing lp it 
style council cafè bleu lp it 
style council our favourite shop lp it 
style council confessions of a pop group lp nl 
style council the singular adventures of lp nl 
nikki sudden & the jacobites texas lp uk 
sudden afternoon dancing shadows lp uk 
sue saad & the next s/t lp us 
svt no regrets lp us 
swans way the fugitive kind lp uk 
david sylvian the ink in the well 12"uk 
david sylvian brilliant trees lp uk+ger 
david sylvian taking the veil 12"it 
david sylvian gone to earth dlp us 
david sylvian secrets of the beehive lp it+us 
d.sylvian+h.czukay plight & premonition 12"it 
talking heads more songs about buildings and food lp uk+it 
talking heads fear of music lp ger 
talking heads true stories lp it 
talking heads naked lp it 
talk talk it's my life lp it 
talk talk spirit of eden lp it 
tazmanian devils s/t lp us 
teardrop explodes wilder lp uk 
teardrop explodes everybody wants to shag...lp can 
tears for fears the hurting lp it 
tears for fears the seeds of love lp nl 
television marquee moon lp ger 
that petrol emotion manic pop thrill lp uk 
theatre of hate He Who Dares Wins lp uk 
the the this is the day 12"uk 
the the infected lp nl 
Thin White Rope Exploring the Axis lp uk 
This Mortal Coil It'll End in Tears lp uk 
Three Johns Some History 12"fra 
tom tom club s/t lp it 
tonio k. life in the foodchain lp it 
triffids born sandy devotional lp uk+nl 
tuff darts s/t lp it 
tuxedomoon divine lp uk+nl 
Tuxedomoon Ninotchka 12"bel 
Tuxedomoon A Thousand Lives By Picture lp us 
tv21 a thin red line lp 
t.x.t. what about you? lp nl 
U2 october lp it 
U2 war lp it 
U2 under a blood red sky mlp it 
U2 the unforgettable fire lp it 
U2 the joshua tree lp it 
U2 rattle and hum dlp it 
U2 Achtung Baby lp ger 
ultravox s/t lp it 
Ultravox Rage in Eden lp it 
Ultravox The Collection lp it 
Undertones Positive Touch lp it+uk 
Undertones Got To Have You Back 12"uk 
alan vega just a million dreams lp ger 
Tom Verlaine Dreamtime lp ger 
Tom Verlaine Cover lp it 
Sid Vicious Sid Sings lp spa 
Vice Squad No Cause For Concern lp uk 
Violent Femmes s/t lp us 
Violent Femmes Hallowed Ground lp uk 
wah! the art of bluff lp uk 
wah! a word to the wise guy lp+12"uk 
wall of voodoo dark continent lp us 
wall of voodoo call of the west lp uk 
weather prophets judges,juries & horsemen lp uk 
wedding present the peel sessions 12"can 
weekend live at ronnie scotts mlp uk 
James White and the Blacks sax maniac lp ger 
scott wilk+the walls s/t lp it 
wipers follow blind lp nl 
wipers the circle lp us 
wire the ideal copy lp it 
wire a bell is a cup... lp+us 
Wolfgang press scarecrow 12"uk 
woodentops move me 12"uk 
woodentops giant lp uk 
x wild gift lp it 
x under the big black sun lp ger 
x ain't love grand lp it 
x see how we are lp us 
xtc go 2 lp uk+it 
xtc drums and wires lp uk+it 
xtc the big express lp eur 
xtc skylarking lp can 
xtc oranges & lemons dlp us 
xtc beeswax:some b-sides 1977-1982 lp uk 
yazoo upstairs at eric's lp it 
yazoo you and me both lp it 
yello pinball cha cha 12"uk 
yello you gotta say yes to another excess lp it 
999 the biggest prize in sport lp us 
10,000 maniacs the wishing chair lp ger 
15 stupefaction lp it 
chiswick aquaria lp it 
devotees album lp us 
heroes & cowards lp it 
i.r.s. greatest hits vols. 2&3 dlp us 
propaganda no wave II lp nl 
punk collection lp it 
that summer lp it 
the rebel kind lp fra